Sell-0ff in CLQ August Crude this morning 07/10/2015


7-10-2015 9-45-25 AM CLThis morning we had a nice reversal to the downside. This weeks low is 5058. Potentially this weekly low may be tested today or early next week. 4679 is this years low made in the August Crude. The Daily Charts have a nice bear flag forming so there may be another big push to the downside if we break the 50.00 level to test the yearly low in CLQ.


Damon Pavlatos

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Damon Pavlatos has 37 years of multi-faceted Commodity Futures industry experience. Since 1978 he has held Exchange Memberships on the CME,CBOT and Mid America Exchange. He has traded Futures and Options for 32 years specializing in Stock Index Futures. From 1981 to 2000, Damon managed the CME Index and Floor operations for Shearson American Express, L.I.T. America, Gerald Inc. and Rand Financial. During his many years in the industry Damon has supplied Technical Market Analysis for various Index Funds, Institutions, and Exchange Members and has been featured at Tradeshows, Futures Seminars and in various trading books. In 2000 Damon became a Principal Partner of FuturePath Trading LLC® and PhotonTrader®. FuturePath Trading LLC (FPT) is an IIB in the Futures and Forex industry.FuturePath is a Technology driven Futures brokerage firm that currently owns an electronic software Trading Platform called PhotonTrader. In 2010 Damon joined as TD Ameritrade as the Managing Director of Futures to assist in technology innovations with the TOS platform. Damon returned to his roots in 2012 and is currently is the CEO and Principal Partner with FuturePath Trading LLC and PhotonTrader.