Damon Pavlatos

DamonDamon Pavlatos has been extensively involved in the commodity and financial futures industry since 1978. He has held Exchange Memberships on the CME, CBOT and Mid America Exchange. He has traded both futures and options, specializing in Stock Index Futures. From 1981 to 2000, Damon managed the CME Index and Floor operations for Shearson American Express, L.I.T. America, Gerald Inc. and Rand Financial.

During his many years in the industry Damon has supplied Technical Market Analysis for Index Funds, Institutions, and Exchange Members and has been a featured speaker at industry trade shows, trading seminars and has been cited in various trading books. Between 2010 and 2012 Damon joined TD Ameritrade as the Managing Director of Futures to assist in technology innovation with the Think Or Swim platform. In 2012, Damon returned to the firm he helped found in 2000, and is currently the CEO and Principal Partner with FuturePath Trading LLC® and PhotonTrader®. FuturePath Trading LLC is a registered Independent Introducing Brokerage firm that offers comprehensive brokerage services to a vast array of traders and investors that make use of the futures markets to either speculate or hedge. FuturePath is a technology driven futures brokerage firm that currently owns an electronic software trading platform called PhotonTrader®.

Jerry Winter

Jerry_Winter_001Jerry Winter has been involved in the Futures Industry since 1986.  Since that time, he has amassed a considerable amount of experience in many areas of the brokerage and trading arenas.  Jerry currently holds the following licenses: Series 3, 7, 22, 24, 30 and 63.

He will tell you that the years he spent in the options pits at the Chicago Board of Trade were an invaluable learning experience. As a result of having the opportunity to work alongside some of the most successful floor traders, he realized that having a consistent strategy, and most importantly, the discipline to act on that plan, (as opposed to the “seat of the pants” approach) was a key to their success.  This was just about the time that the Personal Computer was becoming a major force in the trading and investment community, and he understood that this could be a valuable tool that could be used to create and evaluate successful strategies.  It also could help eliminate much of the bias that emotion caused in the decision making process.  He has made this area his focus, and as a result, he has worked extensively with many of the top System Developers and Trading Advisors in order to educate his clients about the risks and potential benefits of incorporating these types of investment strategies into a diversified portfolio.

Jerry is passionate about trading and the markets, and is always willing to discuss a trader’s strategies and provide insight where appropriate.

Paul Kavanaugh

Paul Kavanaugh has been active in the commodity markets as an NFA member since 1991. He specializes in working with clients by providing innovative personalized value-added services. His guidance with regard to risk management has attracted large commercial hedgers. His decades of experience in navigating commodity bull and bear markets and extremes in volatility, while maintaining an even keel temperament, has made him an appreciated right hand man to select CTAs and professional traders.

Paul’s early apprenticeship with one of the more renowned pioneers of systems development and seasonal work landed him the position as Senior Analyst for one of the world’s largest clearing firms at the time. His published currency analysis achieved a remarkably broad following. He then branched out to supporting traders through brokerage services, often 24 hours round the clock.

Paul has been happy to share his knowledge with new clients. His warm-hearted enthusiasm for both the markets and people provides an old school blend missing in today’s hard and fast world of electronic trading. At the same time, his current affiliation with FuturePath Trading, LLC, allows him to offer clients the resources of multiple clearing firms and execution platforms.  Paul received his degree in Economics from Albion College in Michigan. He has been a frequent contributor to CBS, CNBC, and the WSJ over the years.