Damon Pavlatos

In the last 41 year, Damon Pavlatos has multi-faceted industry experience that includes the following: Since 1977 he has held Exchange Memberships on the CME, CBOT and Mid America Exchange. He has traded Futures and Options for over 39 years specializing in Index Futures. From 1981 to 2000, Damon managed the CME Index and Floor operations for Shearson American Express, L.I.T. America, Gerald Inc. and Rand Financials. During his many years in the industry Damon has supplied Technical Market Analysis and Trade Execution for various Index Funds, Institutions, and Exchange Members. Damon has been featured at Tradeshows, Futures Seminars and in various trading books. In 2000 Damon became a Principal Partner and CEO of FuturePath Trading ®. FuturePath Trading LLC (FPT) is an IIB in the Futures industry. FPT is a technology driven Futures brokerage firm that currently owns an electronic software Trading Platform called PhotonTrader.

Jerry Winter

Jerry Winter has been involved in the Futures Industry since 1986.  Since that time, he has amassed a considerable amount of experience in many areas of the brokerage and trading arenas.  Jerry currently holds the following licenses: Series 3, 7, 22, 24, 30 and 63.

He will tell you that the years he spent in the options pits at the Chicago Board of Trade were an invaluable learning experience. As a result of having the opportunity to work alongside some of the most successful floor traders, he realized that having a consistent strategy, and most importantly, the discipline to act on that plan, (as opposed to the “seat of the pants” approach) was a key to their success.  This was just about the time that the Personal Computer was becoming a major force in the trading and investment community, and he understood that this could be a valuable tool that could be used to create and evaluate successful strategies.  It also could help eliminate much of the bias that emotion caused in the decision-making process.  He has made this area his focus, and as a result, he has worked extensively with many of the top System Developers and Trading Advisors in order to educate his clients about the risks and potential benefits of incorporating these types of investment strategies into a diversified portfolio.

Jerry is passionate about trading and the markets, and is always willing to discuss a trader’s strategies and provide insight where appropriate.

Neri Lugo

Neri Lugo grew up in Chicago and was always fascinated by the futures & options market hub there. He began participating in the financial markets by trading stocks in 1996 and began his professional career as a Financial Advisor with UBS Paine Weber in September of 1999. In April of 2001, he transferred his practice to RBC Dain Rauscher. As a Financial Advisor, he specialized in risk management and creating disciplined investing plans for his clients.

Over the years, Neri has remained an active participant within the trading education and advisory industry, providing sales & client support for WindoTrader software subscribers, and as a self-directed trader, working alongside industry stalwarts such as Terry Liberman and Damon Pavlatos.

In June of 2018, Neri obtained his Series 3 license and began working with FuturePath Trading as a Futures & Options Broker.

His expertise is the synthesis of these experiences:

  • Experience as a Registered Investment Advisor and Registered Futures Broker
  • Experience providing front end trading software support on multiple platforms
  • Experience operating a self-directed trading business with Futures, Options & Equities