Data and Daily Pivots for 1-15

Today’s data at 7:30 will be the Dec. PPI-FD, expected – .1 %, Less food and energy expected + .1 %, Dec. Retail Sales, expected unchanged, Less autos expected + .2 %, Less autos and gas expected + .3 %, Jan. Empire State Mfg. Survey, expected at – 4.0 (from – 4.59), at 8:15 will be Dec. Industrial Production, expected – .2 %, Capacity Utilization, expected – .1 to 76.9, Mfg. unchanged, at 9:00 will be preliminary Jan. Consumer Sentiment, expected at 93.0 (from 92.6), and Nov. Business Inventories expected unchanged. Today is expiration for Jan. stock index options.



MarketESHYMHNQH6EHZBHZNH15-Janmini spmini dowmini naseurobondten yrDaily      High1927.501639143005010959158 26/32128  7/32Low1871.001598041240010850156 30/32127 20/32Close1914.501628142575010878157 15/32127 26/32       Resist2018.91705645860811135161 27/32129  6/32Resist1984.01680244770011068160 22/32128 26/32Resist1962.41664544095811026159 31/32128 19/32Resist**1960.81662844038311005159 20/32128 15/32Resist1937.71645543306710941158 17/32128  5/32Pivot1904.31621742273310896157 24/32127 28/32Mid Point*-1899.3-16186-421225-10905-157 28/32-127 30/32Support1881.21604441541710832156 21/32127 18/32Support**1847.81580640508310787155 28/32127  9/32Support1836.11572640149210783155 25/32127  8/32Support1814.51556939475010741155  2/32127  1/32Support1779.61531538384210674153 29/32126 21/32




















































Frank Lesh

About Frank Lesh

Frank Lesh started his career in the Future’s industry in 1986. Prior to joining FuturePath Trading in 2005, he had worked for some of the most prominent trading firms including Rosenthal and Rand Financial. As Vice President of Sales, Frank has dedicated himself to providing specialized service to all types’ clients including commercial hedgers, institutional interests and individual traders. Because of his wide range of skills and experience, Frank has been a sought after market expert, providing commentary on TV and in print media for the following: Bloomberg, CME Group, CNN, Dow Jones Newswires, Fox Business, Reuters, Nikkei America, and The Wall St. Journal. He can be seen as a frequent guest of Rick Santelli on CNBC Business News. Frank takes a very hands on approach to his clients and carefully researches many fundamental and technical factors that may impact their trading. Frank says. “I’ve made my home here at FuturePath for the last 9 years because I have access to the technology and support services that I need. I have the resources at my disposal that allow me to offer my clients the exceptional service they deserve, multiple clearing firms to pick from, and a variety of trading software programs including FuturePath’s own PhotonTrader, one of the best platforms in the industry.”